Coffee Makes You (feel) Super Human!

Coffee makes you (feel) Super human

Have you ever woken up in the morning, hair looking like you’ve been sky diving instead of sleeping?

You yawn and try to prise open your tired eyes.

Your body creaks and moans as you stretch and try to find your dressing gown (or ‘house coat’, if you’re a bit weird ;]).

The fog inside your brain is as dense as the grey clouds that threaten your Vitamin D dose for the day and you can’t remember what your name is, amongst other important details. When did I get a cat? Does it need feeding?

This brain fog is common, we all get it, and it’s the reason we stumble towards the kettle as soon as we wake up. Caffeine makes us feel less like a zombie and more like a fully functioning member of society.

It turns out that your coffee might not only be waking you up, it might ACTUALLY be helping your brain on a cognitive level.

According to various studies low to moderate caffeine intake can increase cognitive function, particularly involving alertness, vigilance, mood and perception of fatigue. It has also been shown to improve physical endurance. Meaning you’ll be able to get more done in less time. You’ll have a stellar mood. Work will be a doddle and you can improve your 5K run time, all in one day! Go you!

The next time you leave your desk to go and make yourself a brew, if you hear a complaint from your boss, not ANOTHER coffee, you can calmly tell him… This coffee is actually helping me to be more productive and my vigilance for errors on the important company spreadsheets is only being increased! So stick that in your cafetiere and brew it!

Okay, maybe not that last part.

Written By Nathan Tindsley (Supervisor & Senior Barista @Runcorn Hill Park Deli)